Local district leader speaks about the next semester

This week across the state students are returning to the classroom, now that the holidays are over school district leaders are reminding students of those safety measures to make sure a COVID-19 spike doesn’t happen in the classroom.

“And so we are going to continue that which is two philosophies. We want to make sure that we are not spreading covid-19 within the building then we want to make sure we have enough adults to effectively have school", says Milan Special School District Director, Jonathan Criswell.

A continuation, that’s how Criswell says his staff and students will enter the new year.

“Within the building there is learning going on, but there is safety going on and so we really are going to emphasize again just like we are in the beginning of school. Here are our routines, please wear your masks, this is how you wear your mask, here is how to properly wash your hands", he adds.

Criswell says last semester was a learning experience for the entire district and they are taking those lessons into this semester.

“Where you learn something and you say, okay we have to spread out a little bit more here or transitions in the classroom need to be a little bit different or we need to stagger schedules a little bit more, or you can’t use the lockers like this this. So, really just a learning experience this first semester", he says.

12 percent of the students in the district are continuing with the virtual option this semester while all others will be going in person.

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