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Local cultural arts center set to host in-person theatre camp

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Lights, camera, action are words soon to be heard as students return to the stage at a local cultural arts center in Jackson.

The Ned R. McWherter West Tennessee Cultural Arts Center will host an in-person theatre camp for children eight and nine years old.

At the camp, students will take classes on choreography, acting, and music.

Employees at the center are happy to welcome students back.

“We are so excited to have these kids and I want to just reemphasize to the parents and everyone we are going to do our best to keep their children safe and try to keep the distances and everything, so we are working really hard to take care of their children and us too,” Diann Robinson, the Administrative Cultural Arts Building Manager.

Another employee emphasizing how important theatre can be in a young person’s life.

“For me, when I was a kid or like in high school theatre kind of brought me out of my shell. I was kind of a shy kid and I think it’s a good thing to get kids' confidence levels up,” said Jordan Alexander, a Senior Data Entry Specialist.

The camp will start May 24th and continue until the 28th.

The cultural arts center urging parents to sign up now because spaces are limited.

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