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Local Consignment shop has an uptick in sales during the pandemic

Across the nation, consignment shops are doing well even during a pandemic. one store here in Humboldt says they saw an increase in sales this year.

Carolyn and Jerry Albea are the owners of J&C consignment shop located just right outside of downtown Humboldt. They opened in October of 2019, only four months before businesses were mandated to shut down because of covid.

Well, when we opened, things were going pretty smooth, but when COVID hit, it set us back about 10 to 15 percent,” said Jerry Albea.

After they opened back up, Jerry says business is pretty good.

“We are doing pretty good now,” said Jerry.

According to retail experts, many consumers patronize consignment shops for unique gifts and a cheaper price tag. Carolyn says they saw an uptick in sales for holiday gifts, and locals are still shopping going into the new year. She credits the Humboldt community for their success.

“Humboldt, the community, they have been very good to us. alot of people came in looking for toys,” said Carolyn.

Because some locals have time on their hands because they are working from home, they also saw an uptick in drop-offs.

“So the stuff that they had maybe too little or just didn’t want it, they drop it off. sometimes, it is sitting here in front of our store,” said Carolyn

Going into the new year, the Albea’s are hopeful the same trend continues.

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