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Local coalition and the City of Jackson partner together to honor veterans

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - One local coalition is working to honor veterans from the past and present in Jackson.

The West Tennessee Veterans Coalition and City of Jackson are partnering together to honor our veterans.

“I think it’s wonderful. It’s a small thing we can do to memorialize these men who have made such sacrifices for our country,” said Larry Newsom, a Vietnam veteran.

Larry Newsom is a Vietnam veteran who says he will be purchasing a banner for his father who served in WWII and encourages others to pay homage to other servicemen and women in this way.

“I think if you’ve been looking for a way to pay tribute to your loved one who served our country in any war or anytime, I think this is a great way. This is a two-year event so there will be plenty of opportunities to share in this memorialization,” said Newsom.

The city of Jackson is also a part of this banner project and will display the banners on utility poles throughout eight city parks.

Mayor Scott Conger says he will be purchasing two banners to honor two of his family members.

“The only reason we are here today is the veterans that fought for the freedoms that we have and we take for granted every day. It’s important to honor those veterans locally and across our country to make sure they know we appreciate them for their sacrifice and service,” said Mayor Scott Conger, city of Jackson.

The chairperson of the West Tennessee Veteran Coalition talks about why they chose to honor veterans this way.

“This way they will be up in city parks. They can drive to the park, especially if they know where their veterans are and be able to walk the walking trails. Enjoy being out in nature and see their veteran,” said Jackie Utley, the Chair of the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition.

Each banner is $150 dollars and will be displayed for two years and then returned to the sponsor.

The deadline to submit your photo and payment is August 1st.

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