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Local Car Dealer sales decreased during pandemic

In some places, the national health pandemic, and the recession has decreased car sales. Some people may have issues financing an automobile but one dealership in Jackson has multiple options for many buyers.

Moss Miller, owner of Miller Automotive has been in the car industry for twenty years and this year has been the most challenging.

“My care sales have really dropped off,” said Miller.

Yet another economic symptom of the coronavirus. before the pandemic and recession, miller was selling over 30 cars a month. lately, that has not been the case.

“Went from like 35 cars a month to about 15 cars a month,” said Miller

According to Miller, one issue is the rising unemployment rate. buyers cannot finance a vehicle if they do not have a job. Even though benefits are available banks, and lenders want buyers to have a job to fall back on.

“Most of them are making more money drawing unemployment than they were working. So the finance companies want to base it on what they’re making when they go back to work,” said Miller.

The car dealership located on Airways Boulevard has many financing options. there are even some available for those who have fallen behind on bills during the pandemic.

“We do have a source of financing for anyone. Push comes to shove, we can do what they call in house financing,” said Miller.

Right now there are about 50 cars on the lot and miller is hopeful sales will pick up during income tax season.

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