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Local businesses see Valentine's Day spike


Valentine's day is less than a week away and many people are looking for the perfect gift, many are turing to small businesses.

“To be able to have more people come in, shopping, looking and to be able to help them, and that’s what our store thrives on,” said Lisa Kail of City Gift Company.

They are seeing a spike in business due to the holiday. The Kandy Bank is also thriving from the holiday rush,

“It does generate clientele, revenue,” said Scott Kenna.

The Kandy Bank has a special item for valentine's day this year, “Chocolate strawberries, which has been a big request in the past.”

They also offer a wide selection of chocolates and candies. City Gift Company is helping customers find the perfect gift for their loved one, “We love putting things together and making a basket or something like that,” said Kail.

They have jewelry, cards, food and much more. Kail says they are able to help no matter what your budget is, “[if] somebody comes in and says I want to spend $20 we’re going to help you find something for $20, if somebody says I want to spend $100, we’re going to help you spend that.”

City Gift Company and the Kandy Bank believe they offer something a chain store cannot- a personable shopping experience with the charm of a local business.

They believe that is why they continue to stay busy during the holiday rush.

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