Local businesses see uptick in customers for Easter holiday

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - With the Easter holiday happening this weekend, two of the busiest businesses in town are the cleaners and bakeries. 39 News talked to two businesses about their holiday rush.

“So far this week, we’ve been extremely busy, lots of orders. We did finally have to shut off orders for this week yesterday because we are at max capacity,” said Melanie Thornton, co-owner of Two Sisters Bakery.

Melanie Thornton is one of the owners of Two Sisters Bakery in Jackson and they say their best sellers during Easter are their cakes, cookies, and petits fours.

“We’ve probably sold already close to 1,200 sugar cookies this week and about 500 petits fours. So, we still have two days to go so it’s a busy place around here during holiday weeks,” said Thornton.

Thornton says she credits her loyal staff for all their hard work to make the business run smoothly.

Another business in the hub city seeing an uptick in customers is Sparkle Cleaners.

“It’s a lot, a lot. Monday until yesterday, pouring in customers all day long,” said Marquitta Williamson-Cole, an employee at Sparkle Cleaners.

Sparkle Cleaners have been in the community for 27 years and Easter is their busiest time of the year.

“Suits, dresses, preacher robes, they bring everything in. They are bringing it all in. The busiest week is Easter week,” said Williamson-Cole.

Both businesses will be open today and Saturday.

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