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Local businesses open amidst COVID-19 pandemic, local company gives advice

Thousands of local businesses across the country have closed their doors, but some are opening or even expanding. But how are they doing it?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on going many businesses are closing but Crysta Hardiman, owner of Nineteen B, took a leap of faith to open her restaurant during the pandemic.

“The decision to open has been honestly an overwhelming good experience so far. The community is excited, our immediate friends are excited, people that are from out of town they’re excited so it’s been great so far," says Hardiman.

Hardiman is still preparing for the grand opening of the restaurant, but she mentioned that the pandemic actually gave her and her husband the push they needed.

“I think that time really gave my husband and I inspiration, we’ve talked about it. 'Oh Jackson needs this or Jackson needs that', but that really was the driving force," she adds.

The Co has also been a helping hand to some new west Tennessee with their workshops and their new Co starter business boot camp.

“It was super important to be that resource that guiding light for entrepreneurs, because we couldn’t see them physically like they couldn’t walk in our space. We had to close down for a little bit and had to be careful, but no one else was making since of it," says Dan Drogosh, operations manager at The Co.

They are using what they know to help new business owners look at innovative ways to adapt to the changing times.

“Just to kind of be this guiding light for entrepreneurs because it is a crazy time trying to figure out all the changes and the rulings and where the money can come from. I mean it has been nuts," says Drogosh.

Now leaders at The Co told me they have tons of events and workshops planned for this year to help business owners.

Tuesday February 16, 2021 - Business Strategy Night 5:30 pm

CO.Starters program - begins March 2, 2021 (applications cut off on February 23, 2021)

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