Local businesses are surviving financially during the pandemic

While some local businesses continue to struggle during the pandemic, cleaning services are surviving as people want their houses cleaned more to reduce the spread of the virus.”

Maria Sarong is the owner of maria’s cleaning service. for the past four years, she’s been cleaning off and on, but this year she renewed her business permit to combat the virus.

“I want to help people fight this virus so I renewed my business permit. I started in august with one client, and now I have eight.”

Maria sees all eight of those clients every two weeks. since she is cleaning in the middle of a health crisis, she added more work to her routine.

“Yes, definitely. we get the switches for the lights and the doorknobs. usually, it wasn’t really a routine back then, those viruses get stuck to people touching doorknobs,” said Sarong.

Jackson Pride cleaning services have been around for about 5 years. the beginning of the pandemic was rocky for them.

“Well when the executive orders came out, we saw a significant decrease in numbers,” said Diana Cotten.

Cotten is the owner and believes people were reluctant to let people come in. the number of clients dropped by a little over half.

“We went from serving 25 houses a day to seven,” said Cotten.

Their commercial clients helped them stay afloat during the stay-at-home order. since businesses reopened, their clientele picked back up and with more residential customers.

One problem Cotten seems to have is finding employees and not having enough workers impacts the workload.

“You know whenever you don’t have enough employees to run, you have to increase the workload for the day,” said Cotten.

And that workload continues to increase as Jackson Pride has more commercial clients during the pandemic. when an employee gets sick or is exposed to covid, Cotten and her team will come and sanitize the building.

“They want us to come in and disinfect the area really well, their building, and usually we can make that happen,” said Cotten.

Both biz owners say cleaning time takes a little longer now, but they feel fortunate to have clients.

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