Local Business owners react to President Trump signing COVID-19 relief aid bill

President Trump signed bills totaling $2.3 trillion dollars to keep the government running until September and for coronavirus relief funds.

After days of waiting to see what would happen small business owners are glad to see more relief in the pandemic.

“Our small businesses struggled and worked hard and shut down and did everything that they were supposed to do and most are still open by the skin of their teeth", says Executive Director of the Humboldt Chamber, Amanda Love.

Out of the trillions of dollars, $900 billion will go to COVID-19 relief.

$284 billion going to the U.S. Small Business Association for the Paycheck Protection Program.

“A lot of those businesses wanted to keep their employees on so the paycheck protection program actually allowed them to keep those employees there, pay their payroll", says Love.

Many businesses in west Tennessee were either partially or fully shut down for weeks. Leading them to apply for the first round of relief aid.

“Back when they first came available we did apply to get some relief funds and as far as I know, we did receive those and we did use those to help us stay afloat this year and meet revenue goals we had this year", says employee at Third Eye Curiosities, Cameron Briley.

Now that some businesses managed to stay open this year, they are relived to know more help is on the way.

“That going into 2021 we are going to be able to have a little bit more relief, small businesses really are what makes local economy stay afloat, stay running", adds Briley.

In addition to helping small businesses the bill will also extend unemployment benefits for millions of Americans without a job.

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