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Local agency in Jackson host celebratory breakfast honoring businesses for their donations

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - One local agency in Jackson is tackling the biggest issues within west Tennessee by providing support to programs aimed to offer solutions.

This morning the United Way of West Tennessee held their annual Celebration Breakfast honoring businesses for their donations.

United Way of West Tennessee has a 79-year history of service in the area.

The organization aims to improve our communities by partnering with local agencies and businesses that are actively working to meet the needs in our neighborhoods.

“We are just so thankful to be able to celebrate and be able to bring people together, particularly post-COVID. It’s been amazing to see what this community has done even in a cCOVID year and so we are able to collectively in total revenue to have more than 1.7 million dollars this past year. So, we are hoping to do even greater things next year to be able to help even more agencies and even more people," said Matthew Marshall, the President & CEO of United Way of West Tennessee.

At the breakfast, the United Way recognized companies who donated money to the community impact fund.

This fund helps finance programs that provide assistance to people in the community that may need support getting access to healthcare, education, financial stability, and many other necessities.

“That fund is then distributed out to dozens and dozens of agencies throughout west Tennessee. So over 50 or 60 agencies, 70 to 80 programs so it funds those programs throughout the year and allows for them to operate and do what they do and hopefully help people,” said Marshall.

First Citizens National Bank in Dyer county received recognition for the second most giving company raising over 150,000 dollars for the community impact fund.

“We are servants, we want to take care of our communities. We believe in contributing back to our communities so that our communities are stronger, our bank is stronger. This is very important to us,” said Kerrie Heckethorn, First Citizens National Bank the 2nd Most Giving Company for United Way West Tennessee.

United Way intends to set the bar even higher next year to raise more money for those in need in the community.

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