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Local agencies participate in Red Sand Project Day

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Several different agencies and organizations throughout Jackson are participating in the Red Sand Project. This art project is all a part of an initiative to bring awareness to human trafficking.

In an effort to bring attention to human trafficking during this awareness week.

The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department says they wanted to bring recognition to victims and survivors of human trafficking by pouring the red sand in the cracks in the sidewalk.

“To bring awareness to the victims of human trafficking that fall through the cracks a lot of times these victims’ people don’t realize that what these victims go through that was my main goal was to come out here show the world and let these victims know they do matter,” said Shenika Bond, one of the Public Health Educators at Jackson-Madison Co. Regional Health Dept.

Human trafficking awareness week started Monday and ends this Saturday.

This is the fourth year community organizations and businesses throughout the hub city are participating in the Red Sand Project.

One public health educator at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department says human trafficking is very common in Jackson and all over Madison County.

“It is very common and if you think about it, we have not only Interstate 40 that runs through Jackson. We have 412, Highway 70. Human trafficking happens on and through every day. People come through here and it is easy just to stop through a hotel to buy a girl and male because it does happen to males as well,” said Amanda Johnson, another Public Health Educator at the Jackson-Madison Co. Regional Health Dept.

An environmental specialist at the health department explaining why he wanted to take part in the Red Sand Project.

“I have an almost-three-year-old of my own, she will be three years old this August and I don’t want to see anyone else kids be into human trafficking. Human trafficking with children and women and men is a big problem,” said Robert Spearman, the Environmental Specialist at Jackson-Madison Co. Regional Health Dept.

Members of Englewood Baptist Church and the faith-based non-profit Scarlet Rope participated in the Red Sand Project as well.

“This is Red Stand Project day we are pouring sand in cracks in our community so when people walk by so when people walk by, they start asking what is that, what’s that for, and then the conversation on the table," said Julanne Stone, the Executive Director at Scarlet Rope.

Stone goes on to say their mission at Scarlett Rope is to provide a safe place of healing and restoration to female survivors of sex trafficking, be a resource for victims seeking help, and raise awareness about commercial sexual exploitation.

If you or someone you know needs help escaping trafficking, please contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text 233722.

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