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Local agencies discuss bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - In the past, bullying had been viewed as “a childhood rite of passage” that “made kids tougher,” but the reality is that bullying can leave devastating and often long-term effects.

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, many dedicate time to raising awareness of bullying prevention and promoting kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

“I think bullying is one of the highest reasons that parents choose to take their kids to an online or charter school so that the bullying can be reduced quite a bit,” said Jessica Baker, a parent.

Jessica Baker enrolled her son into an online school Connections Academy after he was the victim of bullying.

“My son is autistic, and he was bullied, and the teachers did everything they could in brick and motor school. But then the bullies waited until the bathroom and there is nothing that can be done there so we took him out and did Connections Academy,” said Baker.

A local licensed therapist at Revelation of Hope Counseling Services in Jackson says that communication is key to pick up on signs of bullying.

“ website talks about statistics, and it says about 20 percent of kids in the U.S. are bullied every year. With that number being the way it is, talking with our children is one of the most important things,” said Alvin Bonds II, the owner of Revelation of Hope Counseling Services.

A public educator at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department says parents should make sure their kids know to speak out when bullying occurs.

“Make sure they know they can tell an adult. That’s the important key. Whether it’s a school counselor, a clergyman, a nurse, whatever. If it is not the parent directly, but parents need to have the open conversation,” said Amanda Johnson, a Public Health Educator with the JMCR Health Depart.

If parents would like more info about bullying prevention, you can visit the website.

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