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Linemen Rodeo begins at Jackson State


The power linemen rodeo kicked off today with the presentation of the flags. The two-day event is a chance for line workers from all across the TN valley to showcase their talents and compete against others.

The rodeo event, includes competitive events for apprentices, teams of three, individual linemen and senior individuals classified as forty-five and up.

Every participant competes in the hurt man rescue competition The goal is to rescue a dummy from a forty-foot pole as quickly and safely as possible.

“it’s all about pride, and you’ll see a lot of the guys that will compete for years and years and years…linemen are a little bit headstrong and a type personalities anyway so the competitions pretty fierce and they take it very serious,” says Steve Stanfield of Jackson Energy Athority.

Admission to the rodeo is free to the public, The competitions continue tomorrow beginning at 7 am.

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