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Lifeline Blood Services reveals new bloodmobile design


Today Lifeline blood services revealed a new paint job for one of their bloodmobiles. The bus pulled up to the Lifeline location for the reveal to the community. The wrap on the bus was a couple of years old so Lifeline decided to make the new one special.

“It was time for something new, and we decided why not go all-in with the idea of new, so that’s what we’ve done here,” says Caitlin Roach of Lifeline.

Lifeline decided that Jackson artist Kris Stewart should be the one to design the digital artwork for the bus wrap. He says he was proud to work with Lifeline.

I was incredibly excited to work with Lifeline they do a lot of great work in our community… being able to know that somehow this bus and its art might save a few lives, means the world to me,” says the artist Kris Stewart.

Stewart’s design was inspired by the community here in Jackson and in west Tennessee.

He says, “We have an incredibly diverse population here so we want to represent a wide range of communities, all colors, all shapes, all sizes. We also want to represent the music of Jackson, the sports of Jackson. Was want everyone to be able to come together and realize that west Tennessee can celebrate life by doing their part and helping the community and that’s by giving blood.”

Every piece of the design was an individual drawing by Stewart that he could move around anywhere on the bus. He is proud of his work but he does not want the spotlight on him,

“I want people to associate the bus with Lifeline. I don’t want them to think Kris Stewart. I want them to see this and think man Lifeline’s awesome. That gives me more happiness than anything in the world.”

“Kris Stewart and Lifeline say they may have more in store for the other bloodmobiles.

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