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Lifeline Blood Services Encourages Jackson to Donate Blood and Save Lives

JACKSON, Tenn.- Lifeline Blood Services reports every blood donation can save up to three lives.

Lifeline Blood Services serves twenty-one counties in west Tennessee, and is looking forward to its annual St. Patrick’s Day themed “Luck o’ the Irish” blood drive this Thursday.

“I’ve been giving for years, but the main reason is I’ve had family members get hurt, and needed blood, and it was years ago and there was kind of like a shortage so me and family give blood every chance we get.”

Michael Penley has donated a little over three gallons of blood.

His reason for donating? Seeing his family members need blood when they were in need.

Penley has no specific goal, he just wants to donate as much as he can and inspire others to do the same.

“The feeling is amazing to help others in need, and you’re truly making a local impact.”

Lifeline Blood Services marketing manager Melinda Reid is encouraging Jackson to help save lives, by donating this Thursday at 183 Sterling Farms Drive, from nine to six p.m.

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