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'Life After TV' : Ginger Rowsey

“What you do everyday is news worthy right? So, you always have something interesting to talk about at the end of the day and that’s just something that I really enjoyed about it", says former anchor and reporter, Ginger Rowsey.

Rowsey, a Tennessee native, started her career in journalism right here in west Tennessee after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University.

She says journalism was not always her first career choice, but she remembers her love for writing as a child.

“I love to write. When I was a little kid and this may sound nerdy but we would be on family vacations and I would be writing about what was happening. Keeping a journal of the events as they transpired, so I just enjoyed reading and I enjoyed writing and I guess maybe I’m a little nosey", says Rowsey.

Rowsey began her career in journalism as a reporter. She covered news in Gibson county for the most part and after a couple of years moved up to the anchor position.

She says although she was telling the news sometimes her stories hit home. She explains her memory of covering stories during tornado season, “the tornadoes that came through Jackson, that’s a night I will never forget because it affected me personally. You know, our power went out, the tornado was a block from my apartment so you live through these stories too".

After three years of being on the air Rowsey decided to move into a different direction in media.

She began a career as the Communications Specialist for the University of Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center.

“I had met my future husband and of course we are still married today, but I wanted to stay in the west Tennessee area and it just so happened I was doing a story with channel 7 about summer celebration at the west Tennessee research and education center. Just happened to ask Dr. Bob Hayes, hey are you going to be hiring anybody anytime soon? And he said. Matter of fact, yea we are", she says.

Rowsey was the communications specialist for UT for 12 years, but just a few months ago she made a career change back into journalism as a senior staff writer with Delta Farm Progress.

After 15 years of being off of the TV screen Rowsey says her life after TV has been pretty rewarding.

“Where I was, that was 15 years ago that I was on the news and gosh how my life has changed. I’ve married, I have two children two beautiful girls, I’m so happy. I don’t know that I would have pictured myself in the position I am, thinking back 15 years ago, but I’m really glad I am where I am.”

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