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Liberty Technology Magnet High School JROTC recognized for their service at Veterans day events


JROTC students at Liberty Technology Magnet High School were honored today for their service in veterans’ day events.

“For me, it means a lot because I have a lot of family members in the military. My dad was a member of the air force, so for me serving my country is one thing I wanted to do. After college I want to pursue a military career that’s why I’m going into the ROTC, I plan to go in as a first lieutenant,” says Lateef Skinner a senior at Liberty Tech and he commanded the junior - ROTC in the Veterans day parade.

He says, “I respect my, the elders who gave their lives, risked their lives for my country and it feels great to honor them.”

Liberty high’s JROTC received a certificate of appreciation and some challenge coins from the west Tennessee veterans’ coalition. The students were honored for their part in the bicentennial first Friday forum, the Friday night veterans day service and for taking part in the veterans day parade.

The leader of the JROTC Christopher Honeycutt says the students were thrilled with today's recognition, "You know when they found out that they were going to receive the coins they were excited. I think you could tell by the looks on their faces they all had smiles…I believe it is all their first challenge coin.”

The chair of the West Tennessee veterans’ coalition Jackie Utley explains the history and tradition behind the challenge coins, "If they were in a bar, and someone slapped down a challenge coin on the bar if anyone there did not have a challenge coin they had to buy the next round. So I don’t want these kids to be trapped at McDonalds and not be able to slap down a challenge coin.”

Utley says the veteran’s coalition is glad to see there are young people who give back to veterans, "These are our military leaders of tomorrow so it's so good to see them recognizing and honoring and supporting our veterans.”

You can see the Liberty Technology Magnet Highschool JROTC in action in 39 new’s Salute to our Veterans.

You can get more info on the program and when it will air by going to

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