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Leadership Jackson donates washer and dryer to Arlington Elementary for Dignity Closet

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - A local leadership development organization made a big donation to one of the schools in Jackson today.

Arlington Elementary received a donation of a washer and dryer by Leadership Jackson for their Dignity Closet to help students feel confident in the classroom.

“We believe that every child deserves dignity and we wanted to give them the opportunity to come to school and learn with dignity,” said Shelby Matthis, the Co-founder of Leadership Jackson's Dignity Closet.

The co-founder of the Dignity Closet project explains the need for the program.

“The reason this all came about, we saw a need. We heard that the guidance counselors and point people at the schools were taking children’s clothes home and washing them. Children were coming to school not able to have the proper hygiene therefore not able to sit in the classroom and learn.”

Leadership Jackson has put in place eight Dignity Closets within the Jackson-Madison County school system.

Arlington Elementary is excited to be one of the recipients and help students have a better day.

“We are able to provide clean clothes and make sure they start off their morning off right by having those clean clothes and just having a smile on their face. You don’t know how important that is for a child, that is vital,” said Dr. Shemon Reaves, the principal.

At the presentation, Leadership Jackson announced a new partnership with Buff City Soap. They will be providing all soap products and laundry detergent for the Dignity Closet.

Leadership Jackson has gotten feedback about how much the Dignity Closets positively impact students’ lives.

“So many of these guidance counselors, so many of these teachers have said this is so important. It is such a need, and it really does change the day, the week, and the month. It can really change this child’s complete school year and their grades. It is a small thing that we take for granted that we walk out of the house every morning and we feel put together and we feel clean. Everyone does not have that opportunity,” said Matthis.

Leadership Jackson hopes to place Dignity Closets in each school in the Jackson Madison County School System.

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