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Law enforcement responds to potential threat at Northside High School

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Law enforcement agencies responded to a local high school in Madison County for a potential threat to the school.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department says a resource officer at Northside High School received word this morning of a possible explosive device in the school. 39 News talked to Jackson-Madison County School System officials and a parent about what happened this morning.

“I would just remind all stakeholders, whether it be parents, students, or community supporters that school safety and the safety of our students and staff is a top concern,” said Greg Hammond, the Chief Communications Director with JMCSS.

The report from the sheriff’s department says the threat was seen on social media.

“We understand this to be a cyber or a digital threat because it is something that has been shared on an image. We just want to let everyone know that our school administrators have to treat these situations like actual threats. There are potential threats, but they have to be treated as actual threats because we want to make sure we keep our students and staff safe,” said Hammond.

One parent of a student at Northside talks about how she reacted to hearing the news of the threat.

“I’m just thinking like Lord, we only have 45 days of school, 45 or less just let him make it through to May the 10th, where he graduates, and this can be over,” said Tasha Kourtney, a parent of a student at Northside High School.

That parent believes these threats will not go unpunished.

“I just think it is sad that someone is posting on Snapchat about having a bomb at the school because it’s not being taken lightly,” said Kourtney.

After the school was cleared and deemed safe classes resumed for the day. Law enforcement says this is an open investigation.

39 News will keep you updated on-air and online as more details become available.

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