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Last week's snow storm is still impacting drivers

Last week most of Tennessee’s roads were covered in snow. The snow has melted, but the previous weather conditions continue to impact transportation.

The snow left potholes behind, and crews from the Tennessee department of transportation are doing repairs across the state.

“When we have these heavy winter events, where moisture seeps into the pavement, it freezes, it expands, it dissolves, that really weakens the pavement,” said Nichole Lawrence, Community Relations Officer for TDOT.

This week in Jackson, on interstate 40, the TDOT closed one lane in each direction for road work.

“We've been working on the interstate in an active construction zone all week since Sunday on the potholes that that popped out and created the closures from this past week.”

According to Nichole Lawrence, community relations officer for TDOT, crews worked hard enough to open all lanes on the interstate Friday morning.

“Luckily this morning, we were able to open up the interstate in all directions in the Jackson area where we’ve been working all week between mile marker 82 and 87.”

However, residents and drivers should prepare for more traffic within the next coming weeks.

“There will some additional pothole repairs that will need to take place in the next coming weeks as weather permits.”

Similar repairs are being done on side streets and backroads.

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