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Largest Methamphetamine bust in Gibson County history

A huge drug bust took place this weekend in west Tennessee, Sheriff john Mehr said it all started with a routine traffic stop, “The officer immediately smelt marijuana from the car, went back to his patrol car and at that time the person ended up speeding off, officers gave pursuit.”

The deputy had the driver's license of the driver and with the information from the license, called ahead to the Humbolt police.

“To start looking for this car at a certain address there in Humboldt…they were notified that the car was at the location, they immediately went over to assist…and it turns out to be quite a bit of drugs in the car. They had 35 pounds of marijuana, 30 pounds of methamphetamine and several ounces of cocaine,” said Sheriff Mehr.

The bust by the west Tennessee Drug Task Force was the largest amount of methamphetamine ever seized in Gibson County.

At the house where they found the car and the drugs, they arrested 37 yr. old women identified as Shwanna Hunt. Who is being charged with 2 accounts of possession with intent to distribute. Hunt has been released on a $150,000 bail

The suspect who was drive the vehicle is currently on the run and warrants are out for his arrest.

Sheriff Mehr says that they were luck to stop the drugs from hitting the streets but that more are always out there, No community in the United States is immune from this type of activity, do you get it all the time? No. But does it come through here all the time? Yes.”

39 news will keep you updated when more details become available.

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