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Lane College Students March Down Lane Avenue to Honor Black History

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Black history is created every day and today Lane College students created some history of their own taking to the streets. Marching down lane avenue as tribute to men and women who have march similar marches.

Lane college students have historically been known for their activism. In the 1960’s this activism looked like sit-ins and boycotting local transportation. In 2022 this activism looks like students taking to the streets paying homage to the brave actions of past civil rights activist and continuing the fight for justice that people of color still face. Shea Thompson (Lane College Student) stated, “It show’s not only to lane college, but to the Jackson community, that we have students here who see the injustice.”

Dequoria Parker helped orchestrate today’s march and was proud to see the student body supporting the cause. Dequoria Parker (Lane College Senior Class President) informed us, “being a part of an hbcu it just shows that we’re a part of history. We’re making our mark along with our ancestors who made their mark.”

With conversations around critical race theory very prevalent in today’s politics. Lane College student Shea Thompson fears black history is in jeopardy of being removed from history books and wants to let it be known… Shea Thompson (Lane College Student) emphasized, “black history is American history.”

Makayla Davis

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