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Lane College Celebrates Martin Luther King's life and legacy, and those that are continuing to fight


Today Lane College held the first annual dr. Martin Luthe King Jr. Celebration brunch today to kick off their week of celebration of Dr. King and those that continue the work.

“And we all can get together, laugh, joke, you know, be there when people need us to be. That's all he wanted. And I feel like an event like today shows just a piece of what he wanted for his dream," said President of Campus Activities council President Lane Senior Malcolm.

The brunch today at Lane College celebrated the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and also those that are continuing his work today.

“Oftentimes people think where it's finished, the work has been done. No, he was just the start of the work he initiated the work and has a lot of work to be done," said Vice President of Student Affairs for Lane College Darryl Mcgee.

Two students and two community leaders received “Drum Major Awards” for their work.

Harrell Carter of the Jackson-Madison County chapter of the NAACP says there is still a lot of work to be done, “Well, obviously, we've come a long way, but we have so much a ways to go. It's not that we had made some improvements, but there's still a lot more to make."

Senior Malcolm wants to be a part of that work, “I want to keep that vision going just by helping the people in my community and do whatever I can to help his vision come true.”

Carma Wilson believes that it’s going to take everyone coming together to continue the fight for justice.

“Whether it's younger kids, high school kids, college kids just moving forward, being able to move through anything, whether it's good or bad," she said.

Lane is continuing the celebration of Dr. King's life all week.

1/17 | Prayer Service and March | 12 p.m. | steps of Bray Hall

1/18 | MLK Chapel Service | 11 a.m. | J.F. Lane Gymnasium

1/19 | Public Conversation on Social Justice | 6 p.m. | CMAC

1/20 | A Day of ervice | TBA

“We need to all come together and remember what he did for us and how he sacrificed his life in order that we could be here right now," Mcgee said.

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