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Kim Tedford from the Jackson Madison Co. Health Dept. awarded Woman of the Year award

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Jackson Rotary Club announcing the recipient of the Woman of the Year award. This person displays tremendous amounts of service to the community.

“I just feel so honored and so underserving just for doing my job, but so thankful,” said Kim Tedford, the Woman of the Year recipient.

Kim Tedford, the Regional Director at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department was awarded the 2021 Woman of the Year award.

“I’ve gotten cards throughout the pandemic from people showing their appreciation and that’s taken away all the bad that’s happened over the last two years. It’s been hard, but my mother and daddy raised me to do your job in whatever you do, do it well so that’s what I’ve tried to do during this pandemic,” Tedford.

The rotary club president explains what the Woman of the Year award represents.

“So, the Woman of the Year has been a way to highlight women in our community who have done exceptional duties of service in a variety of different areas. So, to just have the opportunity to honor them is really great service to the community and the work they’ve done,” said Russ McKelvey, the President of the Jackson Rotary Club.

The president talks about why it is so important to recognize these public servants.

“Women have a lot of leadership roles. They have for a long time and doing a lot of great services. Unfortunately, they may not have always gotten the recognition that they deserved so we are really happy to highlight those females who have done exceptional service to the community and really help make Jackson a better place,” said McKelvey.

The 2021 Woman of the Year award luncheon was held at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Jackson.

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