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Kevin Watson accused of killing his ex-wife appears in court in Haywood County, headed to grand jury



Kevin watson of Haywood county showed little emotion when he showed up for his hearing at the Haywood County general sessions court on first-degree murder charges. He’s accused of killing his ex-wife Brittany Watson back on January 7th in Haywood County.

She was reported missing by Kevin Watson on the 13th. A week later, Kevin Watson turned himself.

In court yesterday Brittney Watson’s friend of 15 years Cindy Rich of Haywood county testified that see lived with the Watsons from October of last year until January. She testified that she once heard Kevin say if he ever caught Brittany together again with a man named Joe King, he would kill both of them. Rich said Brittney and Joe King had a relationship with each other.

Joe King himself testified that after spending all night on January 6th driving around with Brittney Watson, they went to a hotel. He said Kevin pulled up to the hotel and they had words. Kevin pulled out a gun and Brittany “smacked “ Kevin. Then Kevin drove away with he and Brittney's kids in the car. According to Kevin Watson's defense, Kevin dropped off the kids with family and went home.

Prosecutors say a letter found in Kevin's truck admitted to shooting Brittney after she came in “drugged out,” punching, hitting and threatening to kill him. Kevin claimed that Brittney reached for her gun and he shot her in the head.

The note said that Kevin was going to make it “easy for everyone” and that he “could not live anymore.” At first, law enforcement thought Watson had killed himself and were searching for his body until their investigation led them to believe he was on the run.

On January 20th Kevin Watson turned himself in and drew a map showing authorities when Brittney Watson's body was hidden in a metal barrel.

Yesterday’s hearing lasted most of the day and when it was over the judge decided to send the case to the grand jury on charges of first-degree murder. Despite the defenses plee for “At the worst second degree.”

Judge Jennifer Smith Scott cited Kevin's evasion of law enforcement for nearly a week as evidence that he could not be trusted to return to court, so bond was denied.

Although they did not want to appear on camera, friends and family of Brittany Watson told 39 news that “No bond is good. Grand Jury is even better.”

The next step in the watson hearing is March 6th in front of the Haywood County Grand Jury.

The state mentioned that they anticipate additional charges

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