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Kenton resident recounts Friday's tornado

KENTON, TN (WNBJ) - The people of Kenton are now picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the town Friday night. The city is now banning together to help its fellow neighbor.

“The house shook like the house was being picked up and shaken and you could just hear what sounded like demons screaming. You could just hear destruction,” said Kelly Dickinson, a Kenton resident.

Kelly Dickinson is a Kenton resident and was in her house when the tornado hit.

“At that moment, that was the first time in my whole adult life that I actually said out loud I might not live through this,” said Dickinson.

Dickinson has been displaced because of the storm and is staying in a Red Cross shelter.

The Mid-West Tennessee Chapter of Red Cross deployed to the area to help those in need.

“A lot of them have lost everything. We got a hand full who still don’t have electricity. Quite a few of those have lost everything and are looking for a place to call home," said Loran Newton with the Mid-West Tennessee Chapter of Red Cross.

The Red Cross shelter is located at the First Baptist Church in Kenton.

The pastor there says incidents like this really strengthen the community and allow neighbors to help one another.

“So, when we have something like this that reminds us of how closely knit, we are and how we are tied together. I think the Lord really helped us with that. We see that happening in our community so many people are thankful, and it gives us a chance to really respond and be who Christ wants us to be,” said Shawn Allred, the pastor at First Baptist Church.

The First Baptist Church and Red Cross plan on providing aid to Kenton until the aid is no longer needed.

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