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JSCC enrollment numbers impacted by COVID

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - This semester enrollment numbers at a community college in Jackson are on the decline, but the college is excited about welcoming back students for the summer semester.

Jackson State Community College saw a significant drop in enrollment this past spring semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes at the college were remote to ensure the safety of its students.

Kyle Barron, the Vice President of Student Services, explains the decline.

“We saw a lot of students take a break, pause out and choose to either go to work or just wait until we were able to come back in some sort of normal capacity and be able to offer more in-person classes. So overall it’s kind of hit us just a little bit and everybody sees it everywhere, the community feels it, but we are excited to get to be on the upswing from that,” said Barron.

JSCC is planning to open the campus to students this summer session.

John McCommon, the Director for Public Relations & Marketing, says he's happy students will be returning to the classroom.

“You know that collegiate experience of coming to class, coming to campus, participating in activities and you know that’s a lot of going to college is about, especially for a young person. You need that interaction so it’s important to us to have students here and it breathes a whole new different type of life into the campus,” said McCommon.

In an effort to increase enrollment at JSCC, the school created a grant program. The grant lending a helping hand to students who have been impacted by COVID. It can be used to pay for classes at the college.

Students are encouraged to apply online as soon as possible.

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