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JSCC celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals' Week

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Jackson State Community College spending the week celebrating lab techs as a part of Medical Laboratory Professionals’ week.

April 18th through the 24th is an annual celebration of medical laboratory professionals, who play a vital role in the health care field.

Medical laboratory technicians perform general tests in the lab which detect, diagnosis, and determine the treatment of diseases as well as monitor and maintain the patient’s health.

The director of the medical laboratory technician program excited about celebrating the week.

“There are about 173,000 medical lab professionals working in the United States right now so shout out to all those who are doing the work. But it is important, it’s needed right now there’s a huge shortage of about a 20 to 21 percent shortage of personnel across our country,” said Peter O'Brien, the Program Director for the Medical Laboratory Technician Program at JSCC.

The need for lab techs has been increased during the COVID pandemic where extra lab testing is needed.

“We have recognized over this last year when we have been in the middle of this pandemic that we hope more people are recognizing that medical laboratory professionals are essential health care workers. We are the ones doing some of the research, we are the ones doing the testing, we are the ones having to be there too alongside everyone else. This week does just focus on us and our accomplishments,” said Carla Simpson, the Education Coordinator, and Associate Professor.

One student speaking about what motivated her to enroll in the program.

“Because they have such a great reputation here and pretty much everyone graduates and gets a job right whenever you get out of clinical and so that is really amazing. The teachers here of course Ms. Carla and Mr. Pete are so informative about every single process that you go through and it makes you feel comfortable, and they honestly want you to learn about every single step so that you are prepared whenever you go into the field,” said Saliyah Newbill, first-year co-hort at JSCC.

Students interested in the 24-month program are encouraged to apply online now at The deadline is June 1 to begin classes in the fall.

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