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JPD new operation "Blue Impact" strives to seize illegal firearms

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Scott Conger (City of Jackson Mayor) stated, “violence in our city affects all of us, but to the families who’ve lost loved ones it’s devastatingly life changing. No family should have to go through that.”

The City of Jackson is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of its residents from gun violence. A new operation “Blue Impact,” strives to keep illegal weapons away from juveniles and nonregistered gun owners. Thom Corley (Jackson Police Chief) informed us, “Blue Impact is going to be a focused operation going toward gun crime in the streets. Those situations which are terrible situations, like the one we had in Texas yesterday. This program, or this operation will lean towards removing those guns from the street.”

Jackson Police Chief Thom Corley says the department has been cracking down on the possession of unlawful firearm usage. Already making several arrests in the community. Thom Corley (Jackson Police Chief) explained, “since April 22nd of this year, the patrol division alone has recovered 26 firearms using crime or being possessed unlawfully.”

The city is hopefully this operation will end gun violence in community. Mayor Scott Conger assured us this type of violence will not be tolerated. Scott Conger (City of Jackson Mayor) emphasized, “if you commit a violent crime in our city, then the best officers in our country are on their way. We will use every resource in our disposal to bring justice to the victims and to their families.”

While gun violence is on the rise in our community and our country. Jackson city officials say they are dedicated to protecting the lives of residents.

Makayla Davis

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