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JPD Investigates Recent Increase in Crime Against Hispanic Community

JACKSON, Tn.-The Jackson Police Department has released a statement, saying there has been a "notable increase" in criminal activities directed towards the Latino and Hispanic Community.

Early last week, JPD responded to what is now being labeled a home invasion on Hillcrest Circle Drive in East Jackson.

Law enforcement explained that the suspects had ski masks and handguns, demanding money from the three Hispanic individuals. Soon after, the suspects shot all three victims and then fled the scene.

Two of the three victims were airlifted to a hospital in Memphis, while the third was transported to a local hospital.

The second incident took place at Days Inn, located on 1919 45 Bypass.

JPD reported that three men broke into the motel room and pistol whipped the Hispanic victim, taking anything of value.

These three men would later be captured and arrested for aggravated robbery.

The Jackson Police Department recently released a statement addressing the concerns of criminal activity directed toward the Latino and Hispanic community.

The statement was written in Spanish and English to communicate with the Hispanic and Latino community directly.

It explained that the City of Jackson and the Jackson Police Department are here to help its citizens regardless of their legal status.

Ensuring them that they have the right to report if they have been a victim of a crime.

It also states that the Jackson Police Department will not contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement if the person is a victim or witness.

If you have been a victim of a crime, the local police department is encouraging you to come forward. JPD states that they will help you verify your U Visa application if you are a victim of a crime and collaborate with local authorities. Police are still looking for the suspects responsible for the Hillcrest Drive home invasion.

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