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Job fair held to fill construction jobs to build Blue Oval City


Everyone is talking about the jobs that Blue Oval City will bring to West Tennessee, but it's bringing over six-thousand jobs before the building is even built.

Walbridge Construction and their contractors are in charge of building Ford’s new 5.6-billion dollars mega site Blue Oval City.

“If you stand on the center of the property and go six miles each way that that's how much land it covers, so it's gonna change the landscape in this area, west Tennessee,” said Whiteville TCAT welding Instructor Tim Riley.

The site is expected to be operational in 2025, but first, it has to be built.

Today students from Jackson State community college, TCAT and members of the community got to hear about the positions available.

“I mean, it's definitely nice to see, you know, opportunities out here," said Whiteville TCAT Student Victoria Edwards.

It’s going take over six-thousand construction workers to get the job done. Including engineers, carpenters, welders, accountants, marketing and more.

"They're begging for them right now. These guys are starting out like seventeen, eighteen bucks an hour," Riley said.

The higher-skilled jobs pay much more.

The pay sounds good to Victoria Edwards who’s currently studying welding,“When someone comes up to you and says, hey, you want to come work, it's hard work. But yeah, anyone would be excited.”

If you don’t have any training or experience, don’t worry- Walbridge is just looking for driven employees that are willing to work and learn.

If you missed the job fair, you can learn more at

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