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JMCSS Principals Collaborate with RIFA to Pack Holiday Food Boxes

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson Madison County schools principals are not only leading in their schools but leading in their community as well.

Principals and educators are teaming with RIFA to collect food donations and pack food boxes for students, senior citizens, and the rest of the community.

With the record-breaking grocery prices increasing, they come together to provide food for those in need.

Pope Elementary School principal Tracey Vowell says, “The collective efforts of our team just make a difference in supporting our community, in much the same way our community supports us and our endeavors in education.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, grocery prices were predicted to increase by three or four percent in 2022.

However, grocery prices have increased five to six percent this year.

With this holiday food box collection, many families will not have to worry about their next meal.

These are the families that are serving our children anyway, so we are helping to support everybody in the home that’s connected to our children," says Dr. Ladonna Braswell, North Parkway Middle School principal.

According to RIFA, more than forty percent of families in Jackson struggle to provide basic needs for their household.

When food collecting and packing events such as this one occurs, it brings relief to families in the community.

Every food box makes a difference.

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