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JMCSS moves back to hybrid learning model

COVID-19 cases in Madison county are on the rise, averaging about 40-50 new cases a day.

It was recently announced that the Jackson Madison County School System is moving back to hybrid learning because of the rise in cases.

“For many families it is a hardship because they have to make arrangements, people still have to work. We know that. We also know that we’ve got to do our part to keep our students and staff as healthy as possible and going back to a hybrid model is a wise choice right now", says Coordinated Health Administrator for the system, Annette Wilson.

Wilson says moving back to hybrid will help social distance students better

“When we have a positive case to appear in the school, if the children are spaced out, we don’t have to quarantine as many children as we would if they are at full capacity like we have been", she adds.

Wilson says although they are moving back to the hybrid model parents and teachers still have a responsibility to keep the system updated with exposures and positive cases.

Communication continues to be a key component of them keeping track of COVID-19 within the classroom.

“Try to do as much prevention on the front end as possible, it really helps save others from being put at risk of having the virus", says Wilson.

The hybrid schedule begins Monday, December 7th.

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