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JMCSS is preparing to showcase students' art and musical talents with Spring Fine Arts Festival


Students and staff of the Jackson-Madison County School System are practicing and preparing for the Spring Fine Arts Festival.

“We have so many students throughout the district who are gifted in visual art or vocal music or instrumental music, and we want to specifically showcase those students for our community, our families, our friends throughout the area," said JMCSS Fine Arts Coordinator Kristy White.

For the second year in a row, the district is going to show off its student's work and performance at the Old Hickory Mall this Saturday (04/14) from 10 AM to 2 PM.

“There will be thousands of pieces of artwork. Each elementary school is going to be submitting work. All of the middle schools and all of the high schools. So there literally will be thousands of works throughout the mall," White said.

Kristy White wants to make sure that the student's artistic work is celebrated, “Our program's a time to showcase their students. Their parents get to come out and see their work on display, their students performing for the community, and it's just a great, great opportunity for everyone.”

The district says it plans to make the festival an annual tradition.

The schedule for the event is as follows: Where:

Middle & High School Instrumental Music Performances 10:00-10:20 North Side 10:20-10:40 Madison 10:40-11:00 JCT 11:00-11:20 South Side 11:20-11:40 West Bemis 11:40-12:00 Rose Hill 12:00-12:20 Northeast 12:20-12:40 Break 12:40-1:00 JCM 1:00-1:20 CMS 1:20-1:40 North Parkway

Elementary Music &

Middle/High School

Vocal Performances

10-10:15 Alexander

10:15-10:30 Arlington

10:30-10:45 Community Montessori

10:45-11:00 Denmark

11:00-11:15 Isaac Lane

11:15-11:30 Nova PreK

11:30-11:45 Pope

11:45-12:00 Madison

12:00-12:15 North Side

12:15-12:30 JCM

12:30-12:45 South Side

12:45-1:00 JCT

1:00-1:15 Northeast Middle

1:15-1:30 West Bemis

1:30-1:45 Rose Hill

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