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JMCSS Host ACT Luncheon to Honor Students in the 30+ Club

The Jackson Madison County School System held a luncheon for students who scored 30 or higher on their A.C.T. a score of 30 plus means that the students scored in the 93rd percentile or higher. One student share how the school system has helped her succeed.

“Oh, well, I practiced. I did a lot of practice tests on my own. And I know that specifically, like the English department and Math departments, they're really helpful in giving you practice materials for preparing for the A.C.T. So that's a bulk of what I did,” said Breanna Datuin, a senior of JMCSS.

The student also shares her plans after high school.

“Yes. So, I plan on attending Rhodes college and majoring in English and maybe minoring in journalism,” said Breanna.

Chief of Staff Greg Hammond tells 39 News how the A.C.T luncheon came about.

This is our first year recognizing the superintendent's A.C.T. 30 and up club in this manner. You know, in previous years he's given purple cords for the seniors to wear during graduation, signifying their membership in the 30+ club, but this year he wanted to raise the bar.”

Hammond explains the importance of this honorary event.

“It's all about motivation. when you look at our core values, judgment, motivation, courage, service, appeal, you know, motivation is there. So not only do we want to congratulate this crop of students, but we are also thinking about the next cohort. We want to motivate other students.”

The A.C.T Luncheon was funded by the Jackson Madison County Education Foundation. seniors in this group were awarded laptops and a special card that will allow them to attend several future district events for free. A total of 31 students were honored. The Jackson Madison County school system hosts various A.C.T workshops and camps throughout the year starting as early as 8th grade. For more information on the schools' act preparation, you can visit

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