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JMCSS Honors 26 Teachers at a School Luncheon

JACKSON, Tn.-Today the Jackson Madison County School System honored 26 school level teachers of the year and their overall district wide teacher of the year at a luncheon at the Jackson Country Club.

It's a little bit surreal and it's one of those things you. you think, wait a minute, are you sure? but i take it on as one of those moments to just kind of lead the charge for all teachers and say, okay, I'm going to represent them all and do the best I can because teachers work so hard and they talk about hard work and hard work,” says.

Angelina Halstead district teacher of the year.

This district teacher of the year explains that her goal is to always push her students to be the best versions of themselves.

“I like to be creative. I also challenge my kids to be critical thinkers. So sometimes I stretch them and extend them in ways that they weren't expecting. and so that challenge is a big part of it, and they always find a way to rise to the challenge.”

Halstead tells 39 News how rewarding it is to watch her student's blossom.

“They find their talents; they find their passions. they find their purpose. and to watch them begin to train and find the skills that they need to take that out and change the world to make it better. they just take that on. and it's a beautiful thing to watch.”

Winning teacher of the year begins at a school level and is then divided into 3 groups: elementary, middle school, and high school. From there the district teacher is chosen to represent the school on a regional and national level. The jackson madison county school system would like to thank the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation and the Leaders Education Foundation for sponsoring today's luncheon.

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