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JMCSS Helps Students in Need Through Social and Behavioral Service

JACKSON, Tn.-The Jackson Madison County school system is serving its students in more ways than one. the school’s social and behavioral services work to help both the students and their families.

“Our goal is to be that hub. We want to be a one stop shop. we don't want parents to have to go through various, you know, avenues to get what they need. they're already and most of the time such a traumatic situation and so, we want them to know, if you can get to us, then we will take care of you from there.”

The school's social and behavioral services look to help students and families from all backgrounds.

“When we plan events, we want all families to know that you are welcome. we never want to discriminate and say, oh, this is for low income. No, this is for all families. and so, a lot of the things that we bring in our events are for our families. again, we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.”

The federal government reports anxiety among children and teens is worse than ever. Dr. Franklin explains that's why supporting the mental health of students is so important right now.

“So, we're looking at mental health not just from a clinical lens. we're also looking at mental health from being more educated so that we'll have best practices and effective current strategies that can work that our counselors can share with our teachers in the classroom again, so that students can learn.”

The social and behavioral services provide students with resources they may need outside of school. This can range from food to clean clothes. The Jackson Madison County school system recently received a cold food storage grant to help provide meals for families who may need them. The school system has a total of 16 laundry sites and are willing to provide students with clean clothes, uniforms, hygiene kits and any other tools to help students become more confident and learn to the best of their abilities.

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