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JMCSS enforcing new policies

Jackson, TN (WNBJ)-

Jackson-Madison County is enforcing some new polices. Last night it was announced that a new code of conduct policy will be implemented. Superintendent Marlon King is hoping this new policy will be a way to highlight the positive behavior of students and have effective repercussions for students misbehaving. Marlon King (JMCSS Superintendent) stated, “Most of our students are well behaved. So, that the beauty of it. When we have the majority of our students behaved what are some of the things we are doing to reward or promote positive behavior. I really want to look at the code of conduct as a way of let’s promote the student’s good behavior, because the majority of our students are well behaved.”

While some where excited for the announcement this parent was not too thrilled about the decision. Shelia Godwin (Parent of JMCSS Student) informed us, “It seems that some of the decisions are stringent, and harder. I understand that they have to make changes, but I’m concerned that I’m concerned that parents don’t have approval to these changes.” Godwin believes a heavier presence in parental involvement while making these decisions is the answer.

Shelia Godwin (Parent of JMCSS Student) stating, “Parents need to be sitting around the table with the principles as they are coming up with these policies. So, when the policies are implemented, they will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we’re a part of it.”

Superintendent King understands that communication is always a tough skill to master, but he is working with his executive team to find ways to improve this issue. Marlon King (JMCSS Superintendent) told 39 News, “In a system this size it’s even more difficult. But one of the things we want to do is make sure the parents are heard and we react to it.”

Things that can be expected at the next meeting are finalization of policies discussed at yesterday’s meeting like the differentiated pay plan for teachers based on performance and instructional roll as well as, discussion around test scores and how to improve them.

Makayla Davis

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