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JFD gives the public fire prevention safety tips for the winter months

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Today is the first day of fall, and as the seasons change cooler weather is expected to be rolling in.

Most people will start to use alternative heating methods like portable space heaters, electric wall heaters, and furnaces.

The Jackson Fire Department wants to remind the public about some safety tips when using those heating appliances to prevent fires in the home.

“We want to remind everyone to be careful and be aware of when it is time to turn on our heaters, furnaces, or wall heaters. Be mindful of putting clothes or anything like that close to them or anything combustibles near them to prevent any fires,” said Larry Triplett, the Community Risk Reduction Educator at the Jackson Fire Department.

The Jackson Fire Department also says you should keep your heating appliance three feet away from anything that can burn-including furniture, blankets, curtains, and paper products.

They also recommend that you get your furnace inspected every year by a licensed professional.

Lastly, the department wants to urge the community to have working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors wherever gas appliances are used, and a home escape plan because this increases the chances of survival in a fire emergency.

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