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JEA continues preparation for ice and low temps

I’m here in the bunker at the Jackson Energy Authority and as you can see behind me they are checking those levels for water and electricity. Now they say everything looks good right now, but if is a chance of more freezing rain, their could be some issues.

“We do not need anymore freezing rain other than what we have right now. We’re okay right now. We’ve had some scattered outages," says Steve Bowers, communications manager foe JEA.

The ice storm warning ended around noon today but the national weather service shows below freezing temps are here to stay.

Bowers adds, “one of the things we’ll be facing this weekend and the first part of next week is extremely cold temperatures and for our water division. Make sure your pipes are wrapped if they are exposed, if there is crawl space make sure the vents are closed".

Teams with the Jackson Energy Authority say they are keeping a watch on the precipitation falling now, because if that freezes up more than a half an inch on power lines or tree limbs we may see them falling.

“We do preventative cutting, contracting, keeping tree limbs, trying to keep them from power lines. But that is a real challenge during this time but so far, so good," says Bowers.

As we go into a cold weekend local agencies remind residents to not drive on icy roads and make sure you have flash lights, water, blankets and food on hand in case of emergency.

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