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JCMHS Students Visit Toyota During Manufacturing Day


It is Manufacturing Day at Jackson Central Merry High School, and students participated by visiting the Toyota Plant.

This plant specializes in the production of transmission and engine parts for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

The parts are distributed all across the country.

Senior Human Resources manager Jason Bates believes knowing how the parts are made can help these students.

"The importance of getting young people exposed to manufacturing really sets them up for life. A career in manufacturing really allows them to be very versatile through their whole entire adult life."

The tour was not only educational but also fun as the students were introduced to a friendly robot. This robot can not only talk but play tic-tac-toe and dance too.

Students like senior Keeston Palmer learned what the plant has to offer and found out what students pursue their dreams.

"I wanna go to school for HVAC and start my own business with that."

The students tell us they left the Toyota plant tour with a better understanding of what opportunities could be waiting for them here.

In Jackson, Sinahi Carrizales, 39 News

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