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JCM alumni class of 1977 speak to students as they celebrate their 45th class reunion

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Jackson Center Merry High School alumni class of 1977 is having its 45th reunion and today they wanted to offer some encouraging words to the current junior and senior class at JCM.

“It was extremely important as I talked to the principal that the students see what success looks like and can understand where they can go when they graduate from JCM,” said Michael Miner, 1977 JCM alumni.

Several alumni from the 1977 class spoke to the upper-classmen at JCM about the key to success.

“They need a goal. They need a plan. They need someone, a mentor. Using your God-given talents to the maximum benefit,” said Jeanette Spivey, 1977 JCM alumni.

One student at JCM explains what he learned from the event.

“Basically, just chasing your dreams, always. Never forgot that. Most importantly remember you are your number one best friend and your number one enemy,“ said Zorian Kimble, a junior at JCM.

Another student says she enjoyed hearing all the speakers and their positive words made her start to think about her future.

“I think they gave me some insight on my future. It was very encouraging,” said Elle Carter, a junior at JCM.

Many of the alumni were glad to see the doors back open at JCM and to also be able to encourage the younger generation.

“At this time in our lives, we are just glad to be able to come back to see this place still existing and hope we can inspire some of these young people to do better for themselves,” said Ted Golden, 1977 JCM alumni

The Jackson Central Merry class of 1977 will be celebrating its 45th class reunion all weekend.

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