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JACKSON, Tn.-Jackson Tennessee Parks and Recreation is taking it up a notch! They are hosting all kinds of events for the community to enjoy this spring and summer! 39 News stopped by Westwood Recreation Center to join in on the new western line dance class.

“We are providing this for our residents of all ages, from 0 to 100 plus. This is part of our mental health awareness program.

Bridgett Parham emphasizes how music and dance can elevate your mood.

So, when people think about mental health, they just think about things such as going and speaking, but part of that is also enjoyment. We are offering a lot of fun activities and what better way than to get up and dance and move to the music? I mean, everyone feels good when they dance,” says the recreation manager.

Dance instructor Wendy Cane explains some of the benefits of dancing.

“People probably don't realize, but it is good for the mental and your memory. You have to memorize the steps, and so I found a lot of people, you know, using it for the memory and the cognitive.”

One of the participants has built a community around dance.

“So, my dance class people and stuff become your family. and when you go out and dance, we go to Gaston and go to Humboldt. Humboldt has got a big floor up there. We go up there, and then we put what we learn on the floor, and everybody just has a good time,” says Terry Grays

Jacksons Parks and Recreation is hoping that these events will bring the community together and build relationships amongst Jacksonians. If you would like to keep up with the latest events, you can visit Jackson TN Parks on both Instagram and Facebook.

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