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JACKSON, Tn.- Jackson’s code review committee is trying to decide what should and should not be allowed when raising chickens in the city. more people are looking to raise their own chickens as prices for eggs seem to increase daily. animal control officer Michael Ananea spoke to 39 News about the proposed ordinance.

“So, we're kind of trying to find a good way to work around concerns of having chickens, you know, maybe too close or closer than some neighbors might like, but also, you know, allowing people to have them still.”

Ananea explains what some people in Jackson are worried about.

There have been concerns raised about the noise that might be produced by some chickens. Nobody wants to be woken up by a rooster, you know, five in the morning. So we proposed that only hens will be permitted. um, there have also been some concerns about the cleanliness, any kind of smells, stuff like that.

There are still more details that need to be worked out.

“We've had a couple of meetings about it, including yesterday and if the details get ironed out in a way that seems like it would be a good fit for our communities and then that'll go before city council, and they'll be the ones to make the decision on that.”

39 News spoke to Ginger Kemp from R&J feed supply about the high demand for chickens.

“This year with the price of eggs increasing and they and people are hearing about shortages of different things like that. and people are wanting to get back to raising their own food. So we're seeing i'm having lots more calls on baby chickens.”

Kemp was also able to share some advice to people who maybe looking to raise their own chickens.

“You have to pay attention to the chickens and keeping them warm, they ensure they're in the right temperature being sure they have water, being sure they have feed, anything like that.”

It will be up to Jackson City Council to make the final decision on the city’s chicken ordinance.

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