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Jackson Street Crew is addressing the Pothole Problem


If you've been complaining about potholes lately... You're not alone! According to a recent Twitter poll Tennessee is the state with the second most complaints about potholes.

The winter weather West Tennessee has experienced over the last couple weeks has created a ton of potholes, but the city of Jackson is doing what it can to get them filled.

“We got two crews that are running potholes, we’ve got one out north and one out south,” said Johnny Weddle the Jackson street department superintendent

Plenty of drivers have taken to social media to voice their frustrations about potholes. One even calling Jackson “pothole city”.'

Superintendent Weddle says a lot of the potholes in the city opened up because of all the rough winter weather this year, “That’s what really developed them, the freezing rain…cracks in the street where water will get into the soil then it freezes over and then thaws, the next thing you know you have a pothole.”

And Weddle says the city doesn't mind getting pothole complains from drivers, “They are the ones that let us know, they call it in or they put it in through our 311.”

Ready 311 is an app that you can use to mark where potholes are in Jackson.

Weddle says, “We will get it.”

The city's two road crews are able to fill 75-100 potholes each... On a day with good weather

“It’s not a permanent fix, it’s a temporary fix until all our asphalt plants open up which is in the spring,” said Weddle.

The street department filled over 12,000 potholes last year.

The city does not deal with potholes on interstate- 40 that job belongs to the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

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