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Jackson State Hosts Opioid Overdose Training

JACKSON, Tn.-Jackson State partnered with the West Tennessee Health foundation and Murfreesboro Police Department to provide the community with this two-part criminal justice forum. 39 News was able to attend the overdose prevention training hosted by Diane Sherrod.

“So today we provided naloxone and overdose reversal training for the criminal justice students here at Jackson State. One thing that's important for them to know in their work is that they are probably going to be met with people who might be at high risk for an opioid overdose. So today, we were able to train them on overdose reversal, not for opioids, not only for opioids, but also for stimulant overdose.”

Today's forum was divided into two parts. one: Narcan training and the other: a presentation on mental health and autism. Associate professor Karen Perrin tells us all about it.

“You know, not all people who have mental health have drug challenges, but we want to make sure that we do the whole scope that we do see mental health and we see that these drugs kind of go hand in hand in some places and so we wanted to cover both aspects of that today also.”

Criminal justice student Sarah Joyner explains how trainings like these have built her confidence in emergency situations.

“For example, like I work at a hotel at night and I'm the only one there and I think it's scary. It's a little spooky, but I've had people pass out. they've hit their head like it's a very dangerous situation, and knowing that I might be able to help them just gives me more foresight into the situation and makes me feel more safe about the situation also.”

The state of Tennessee reports in the year 2021 there were a total of 3,814 recorded overdoses in the state alone. if you or someone you know needs help to recover you can visit some of the resources listed below:

TN Red line:


Statewide Mental Health Crisis line


or download TN Recover app

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