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Jackson State Community College plans to resume in person learning in the Fall

Jackson State Community College's campus is a little empty, but next semester there may be a little more activity as leadership plans to resume in person classes next semester.

Since March of last year Jackson State’s campus has pretty much looked like this, since most of their classes moved online, but that may change soon.

“We’ve transitioned so much to online, but what we saw even though our students did great, they succeeded at the same rates. What we noticed that they really wanted to be back on ground and we really miss them," says Vice President of Student Services at the College, Kyle Barron.

Not many students were on campus today, but I found one to ask how she felt about the change.

Early childhood education student, Erica Hurts, told me it was tough for her and her classmates to move from in person to online learning last year.

“It was a very, very hard transition. It was something that I had adapt to, adjust to." she explains.

She is relieved to hear about the future plans for classes.

“I am excited, I am thrilled. I learn better in person and in the class," Hurts adds.

The college will start by having 50% of their classes available in person and 50% available online. Then they will open up more classes for either option that needs more.

“With the fall being about 50 percent so far on ground and online, giving them an option for which they want to choose," says Barron.

Open registration for JSCC begins April 19th. Tthey are accepting applications for new and returning students.

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