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Jackson State Community College Nursing Students Enact Mock Disaster

JACKSON, Tenn. - As unpreventable as disasters may be, senior nursing students at Jackson State Community College enacted an emergency scenario.

The Jackson Police Department Swat Team, Madison County Fire Department, the Medical Center EMS, along with other agencies collaborated with the nursing students and faculty.

Associate professor Cassie Revelle says, “In the event that a disaster occurs, whether it be a natural disaster or an active shooter like this situation today, we’re prepared because we train and we practice.”

Different scenarios are portrayed twice a year, such as explosions and tornado aftermaths.

This theme is an active shooter scenario with fifteen mock casualties and a total of thirty students involved.

Students act in roles of first responders, victims, and on-scene management.

“It gives them an opportunity, instead of just being in the classroom, to bring that learning to life.”

The nursing department at Jackson State believes performing medical care in an emergency scenario is a great way to prepare students.

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