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Jackson's "Freshmen Four" Honored at City Hall with new exhibit

There’s a new exhibit at City Hall honoring those who shaped American History.

The honorees are the “Freshmen Four,” civil rights pioneers who attended lane college. in the fall of 1960, the young students fought against racial discrimination through sit-in protests at Woolworth's store.

“Since freshmen in college, their act of catalyst influenced the change in Jackson, Tennessee. we all stand here together today because these four freshmen took that bold action,” said Mayor Scott Conger.

Woolworth’s store was located in Downtown Jackson. Kimmie Davis, Shirlene Mercer, Ernest Brooks Sr., and Wesley Mclure, chose to sit at the whites-only lunch counter enduring harassment. They even had objects thrown at them.

Attorney Ernest Brooks II says he is honored to continue the legacy of his father.

“So it is my honor today to thank you for recognizing the hard work and sacrifice of my late father, Dr. Ernest Brooks Senior, and to continue his legacy a family legacy of leadership and service.”

Mclure and Davis have also passed on, but Mercer was there to witness the opening of the exhibit.

“Never thought I’d live to see the day that Jackson would have a group of integrated people black and white standing in city hall, giving tribute to people who marched in the ’60s.”

The exhibit is the second display honoring the “freshmen four.” the first one can be found at the old country store.

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